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Rental Guidelines

This rules are necessary for the safety of all people in the Theater and for the protection of the Theater facilities. Renter acknowledges that they have carefully read and understood all terms, conditions, rules and policies outlined here. 

  1. Renter is responsible for the enforcement of the terms, rules, and policies described below, and for actions of all persons associated with Renter’s use of the Theater, including Renter’s officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, performers, presenters, crew members, audience members, and event participants.

  2. Renter must provide a certificate for one million dollars worth of liability insurance to cover any injury, loss or damages caused by the negligence of Renter for the duration of the rental period. This certificate must be secured and a copy provided to Starbright no later than 10 business days prior to the first rental date.

  3. Starbright provides the Theater with 142 seats, stage, lighting and sound systems (“Equipment”), backstage area, dressing rooms, and lobby for the dates and times (hereafter referred to as “Rental Period”) Renter will have the use of Theater and equipment only during the Rental Period.

  4. When the venue rental agreement is signed, Renter pays Starbright a security deposit. Starbright may apply this deposit to cover rental time overages, cleaning costs, or any other unexpected fees incurred, but not otherwise paid, by the Renter. If not used, the deposit will be returned to Renter within 15 calendar days after the end of the Rental Period.

  5. Rental time and labor are billed in whole hours only. Any portion of an hour used will be charged as a whole hour.

  6. All additional personnel and services not prepaid by the Renter will be billed to the Renter following the Rental Period. Renter agrees to pay charges within 30 days of invoice.

  7. The Renter may request to extend the run of any show for additional days. If the Renter notifies Starbright of the potential additional days, Starbright tentatively reserves those dates for the Renter without requiring any prepayment. If Starbright receives a request for said dates from another client, then Starbright shall notify the Renter and give the Renter the right of first refusal for said dates. Within 3 calendar days of receiving such notification from Starbright, the Renter may exercise the option of booking said dates and incorporating them into the scope of the Agreement, or releasing said dates.

  8. Renter shall notify Starbright in writing of any cancellations, additions, changes of dates, times, services, equipment, or types of use, at least 60 calendar days in advance of the date affected by the change. In the event the Renter cancels any date, time, service or equipment in the Rental Period without providing Starbright with a written notice at least 60 calendar days prior to said date, Renter agrees to pay Starbright all fees for said date, time, service and equipment.

  9. Renter must provide to Starbright, in writing, the event’s logistics and technical needs no later than 15 calendar days prior to the start of the Rental Period. If the Renter has a Technical Rider, or the Renter’s performers or presenters have provided Renter with a Technical Rider, or other description of their needs, then the Renter provides a copy of said Technical Rider to Starbright no later than 15 calendar days prior to the start of the Rental Period. Starbright does not guarantee that all logistical or technical requirements can be met. Starbright will discuss with Renter all logistical and technical needs and upon Renter’s request and will provide an estimate of the costs associated with meeting said requirements.

  10. Starbright will provide a Venue Technical Director on those dates when the lighting and sound systems are in use. Renter must provide Starbright with at least 15 calendar days notice if Renter requires lighting or sound system use. Renter is responsible for staffing the front of house, box office, and security.

  11. Renter is responsible for any equity waivers and rights to the material being presented.

  12. Renter should indemnify, defend (including attorney’s fees), and hold harmless Starbright and its officers, directors, agents, employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, damages, demands, suits, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from Renter’s use of the Theater or Renter’s event at the Theater.

  1. Starbright will determine which staff and crew are required to adequately and safely support the Renter’s event, which may include personnel required for hanging, moving or focusing lights, programming cues, programming show control, setting up or operating additional sound equipment (beyond the standard sound system included in the Theater), scenery changes, rigging, operating followspots, operating video cameras, or other technical requirements. Upon Renter’s request, Starbright may assist the Renter in hiring the required staff and crew. Renter makes arrangements with Starbright at least 15 calendar days in advance for any additional personnel.

  2. The Renter is responsible for all labor costs. Renter must only provide such personnel who possess the skill and experience to safely perform their duties at the Theater. In the event the Renter is providing any personnel, Starbright reserves the right to disqualify any personnel, if in Starbright’s determination said personnel does not posses the skill and experience to safely work at the Theater or safely use Theater’s equipment.

  3. Renter must provide one person to serve as the Stage Manager, whose responsibilities will include interfacing with performers, controlling stage activities before and during the event, and communicating from backstage to the control booth, so that the program can begin on time and run smoothly.

  4. Renter must provide one person to serve as the House Manager, whose responsibilities will include opening the main lobby doors to allow the audience to enter at the start of the event; overseeing the audience as they enter the lobby and the auditorium; assisting audience members in finding their seats; performing any necessary audience control duties to ensure orderly conduct in the lobby and in the auditorium; managing the audience as they exit the auditorium during any intermissions and after the end of the event; and communicating to the Stage Manager and to the control booth regarding the readiness to begin the performance. Starbright strongly encourages the Renter to also provide at least 2 ushers to assist the House Manager in seating the audience and controlling the crowd.

  5. Renter’s designated Stage Manager and House Manager must attend a short safety briefing conducted by Starbright. Renter should make arrangements with Starbright for the date and time of this briefing at least 15 calendar days prior to the start of the Rental Period, and the briefing itself must be scheduled within 5 calendar days of the start of the Rental Period.




  1. Renter must examine the Theater prior to the start of the rental period. This inspection should include: stage structure, stage floor covering, all drapes (soft goods), audience chairs, floor coverings, wall surfaces, lighting fixtures, restroom fixtures, restroom mirrors. Renter will acknowledge the current condition of the Theater at the start of the rental period. Renter is responsible for documenting any deficiencies present at the start of the rental period, and Starbright is responsible for either signing such documentation to acknowledge the deficiencies, or correcting the deficiencies prior to the start of the rental period.

  2. Renter must acknowledge that the Theater contains equipment which is sensitive, fragile and can be easily damaged. Renter has examined the Theater’s equipment prior to the start of the rental period and agrees that all equipment is in fully working order and excellent condition. This inspection should include: lighting equipment, audio equipment, rigging equipment, stage tracks, audio console, lighting control computers, audio computers, microphones, intercoms, and followspots. Renter is responsible for documenting any deficiencies present at the start of the rental period, and Starbright is responsible for either signing such documentation to acknowledge the deficiencies, or correcting the deficiencies prior to the start of the rental period.

  3. Renter must not cause damage, through either willful actions or negligence, to any Theater facilities or equipment. At the end of the rental period, the Theater and all equipment should be returned to Starbright in the same condition as at the start of the rental period. All damage must be repaired by renter. 

  4. Starbright at its sole discretion shall determine the acceptable method of either repair or replacement, and shall at its sole discretion select the contractors or technicians to repair the damage, vendors to replace the damaged equipment,Renter must obtain Starbright’s permission to operate, rearrange, relocate, or tamper with any of Theater’s equipment including lighting, sound, curtain and rigging systems. Misuse of equipment can create serious risks to the safety of personnel and cause expensive damage. Operation or changes must be performed only by authorized personnel.

  5. For safety and insurance requirements, Starbright’s staff must be involved in rigging any items on the stage.

  6. Renter will be fully responsible and liable for any damage to Theater facilities or equipment, caused by Renter’s officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, performers, crew members, audience members, or event participants. Renter will, at its sole expense, fully repair any damage to the Theater; fully repair any damaged equipment; or replace the damaged equipment with brand-new equipment. This shall include, but is not limited to: (a) paying for the services of any contractors, technicians or v and acceptable models of replacement equipment.

  7. Renter must keep all areas of the Theater clean and orderly at all times during the Renter’s use of the Theater. Renter should properly dispose of all food, trash and garbage at the end of each rental day. Starbright will clean and restock the restrooms; and empty trash bins.

  8. During setup and rehearsals, only those persons involved with and necessary to the function are permitted in the Theater – no guests and no public access.

  9. Renter must not exceed the 144 occupancy limit which is designated by the Fire Marshall. Renter is responsible for any fines imposed by the Fire Marshall for exceeding this limit during the Rental Period.

  10. Renter must load-in and load-out only on the dates and times listed in a rental agreement. As part of the load-out, Renter should remove and properly dispose of all sets and materials brought into the Theater, unless Renter receives specific permission from Starbright to leave certain materials behind. As part of the load-out Renter should restore the Theater and all equipment to the same exact condition as at the start of the Rental Period.

  11. Renter may place information tables in the lobby and may place publicity information and signage in the lobby, as well as in front of the Theater during the Rental Period only. 

  12. Any and all decorations, furniture, equipment, scenery, props, posters, programs, publicity information, signage, food and beverage service items, or any other materials brought to the Theater or installed by the Renter (hereafter collectively referred to as “Materials”)

  • may not damage, permanently alter, stain, or discolor any part of the Theater, building, sidewalk or Kirkwood Shopping Plaza 

  • may not present a danger to the public 

  • may not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic may not interfere with the daily operations of Starbright or the Kirkwood Shopping Plaza

  • may not violate any laws, codes or ordinances.




  1. By the end of the Rental Period, the Renter must remove all Materials from the Theater. The Renter must restore the Theater to the same condition as at the start of the Rental Period. Renter shall clean and remove any residue and repair any damage resulting from said Materials. This shall include, but is not limited to: completely remove all adhesive tape or any other mounting hardware or mounting methods completely clean any adhesive residue on any part of Theater, building, windows, sidewalk patch all nail holes, screw holes, pin holes or any other holes touch-up paint in all areas where surfaces have been damaged, stained, scratched, discolored or patched by the installation or removal of Materials.

  2. By the end of the Rental Period, the Renter must place all trash in provided containers or remove it from the Theater. Additional charges apply for storing Renter’s Materials before or after the Rental Period; or for reopening the Theater at a later time or date to clean up or to remove Materials.

  3. Starbright reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny the Renter permission to use Materials, or remove any Materials, if at Starbright’s sole determination said Materials violate any of the conditions in this Agreement. 

  4. Food, candy, gum, and beverages are not allowed on the stage, unless those items are “props” and required as an integral part of the play. The specific food and beverages must be approved by Starbright in advance. Food or beverage used on stage must not leave any stains or residue on the stage floor or the drapes. Starbright strongly discourages the use of greasy foods and cola drinks. Bottled water is allowed for performers on stage. When the seating system is extended in the “theater seating” configuration, NO FOOD, CANDY, GUM, OR BEVERAGE IS ALLOWED in the audience seating area. Bottled water is allowed inside auditorium.


  6. The use of any pyrotechnic effects (including fireworks and sparklers) must be pre-approved in writing by Starbright. Any pyrotechnic effects require the presence a professional licensed pyrotechnician, pre-approved by Starbright. Open flame, including, but not limited to candles and special effects are not allowed anywhere in the building.

  7. The use of confetti or glitter greatly increases the cost and difficulty of cleaning and both are strongly discouraged. If used, Renter will be billed for all additional cleanup costs, including any extra time required in the building for Renter to do their own cleaning.

  8. Theater does not have facilities for scenery construction. Ready-made scenery can be assembled on the stage, but construction work which generates sawdust or other debris is not permitted due to fire hazards and excessive cleaning costs.

  9. Renter must not attach any item to any wall, floors, ceilings, or acoustic panels inside the auditorium (audience seating area), on the stage, or in the classrooms (dressing rooms). Renter must obtain approval from Starbright before attaching any item to any building’s surface in the lobby or hallways. Staples, nails or screws may never be used for attachment to any building’s surface.

  10. Samples of event programs and other materials to be distributed to the audience must be provided to Starbright at least 48 hours prior to the event to assure that both Starbright and Renter are operating with the same understanding of the event and related activities.

  11. Renter must provide its own staff and provide its own cash for making change if Renter is selling any merchandise. Starbright will not provide personnel for this task.

  12. All events at the Theater reflect on the Theater's reputation and affect future attendance. The Theater respects its audiences by starting the events at the advertised time and asks the Renter to support that policy. Starting time should not be delayed simply because “more people might be coming” or because of late rehearsals.

  13. Renter must accommodate all wheelchair requirements in designated wheelchair locations (1st row) and may not exceed the maximum auditorium seating capacity of 144. No standing room is allowed. Portable chairs, wheelchairs, strollers, or any other objects may not be placed in any aisle or doorway; and may not obstruct any hallway or exit route. Renter is responsible for discussing their needs with Starbright at least 10 business days prior to the start of the Rental Period. 




  1. Starbright allows food and beverage services only in the lobby; or in the auditorium when the seating system is completely stowed away. No food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium when the seating system is extended into the “theater seating” configuration. If the Renter wishes to provide any food or beverage services at any time during the Rental Period, the Renter shall make specific arrangements with Starbright at least 15 calendar days prior to the start of the Rental Period. If, with Starbright approval, the Renter provides food and beverage service, Renter must also provide a minimum of 2 ushers and ensure that no food or beverage is allowed into the auditorium when the seating system is extended into the “theater seating” configuration. Renter shall be responsible for complete cleanup of any areas used for food and beverage service. Renter must pay for any additional cleanup required.

  2. Selling, serving or consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed.

  3. All sales of merchandise, all lobby displays, and all outside vendors must be identified by Renter and approved by Starbright at least 48 hours prior to the start of the Rental Period. In order to maintain safety requirements, no more than four tables, 6 foot long each, may be setup in the lobby. This includes all tables for tickets, refreshments, merchandise, auction items, displays, etc.

  4. All food and beverage items and other trash must be placed in provided trash cans. Trash which exceeds trash can capacity must be removed from the building by Renter and placed in the large trash bins located outside and behind the building.