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Dance Performances

Starbright Theater has successfully hosted numerous dance shows with a large cast. The stage is spacious enough to accommodate most dance groups and even ballet companies. Dancers love the smooth, but non-slip surface of our Masonite-covered stage.


If you would like some help with the technical aspects of your show, our staff would be happy to provide a complete range of creative and technical services, including full lighting design, audio playback, and beautiful backdrops.

overed stage.

  • 142 seats

  • Spacious dressing rooms available to accommodate a large dance company

  • Smooth and non-slip stage floor

  • Concert-quality sound system

  • Beautiful backdrops for dance or ballet; backdrops can change in seconds for each scene

  • Full lighting system is especially well-suited for lighting dance performances

  • Computerized control of lighting precisely synchronizes lighting cues to the music for an exciting show

  • Theater rental includes a white cyc with LED lights -- create gorgeous backgrounds in unlimited colors; instantly change colors for each dance number

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