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The foyer and hallway feature a Gallery Rail System that allows for framed art, mounted posters, photo backdrops or other decorations to be hung on the walls. The Gallery Rail offers a superior alternative to nails, push-pins or Scotch tape, because art or decorations can be hung perfectly with no damage to the venue walls! This gives you the opportunity to decorate and personalize the foyer for your event.


Framed Art

  • Frames must have attachment points, such as Z-Clips or French Cleats, Hang Wire, D-Rings, Screw Eyes, Sawtooth Hangers, etc...

  • Z-Clips or French Cleats are compatible with Panel Hooks (see below)

  • Hang Wire, D-Rings, or Screw Eyes are compatible with Mini Hooks (see below)

  • Sawtooth Hangers are compatible with Utility Hooks (see below)

Mounted Photos / Posters

  • Must be mounted on rigid backing material, such as Foamcore, Gatorboard, Sintra, or similar panels

  • Total thickness must be between 3/16 inch (4.75 mm) and 5/8 inch (16 mm)

Banners / Backdrops

  • Must have a rigid pipe/tube/board along both top and bottom edges

  • Pipe/tube/board along the top edge must have attachment points that can hang on a hook (for example Z-Clips or French CleatsHang Wire, D-Rings, Loops, etc...)

  • Grommets alone are not enough -- the soft banner/backdrop will not hold its shape when hung off the Gallery Rail. You must add something rigid in order to hang it.

Other Decorations

  • Must have attachment points that can hang on a hook (for example Z-Clips or French CleatsHang Wire, D-Rings, Loops, etc...)

  • Should not have sharp protrusions that could scratch or damage the wall


Click Rail Track

  • Track is installed on every wall of the foyer (except the mural wall)

  • Track is installed along both walls of the hallway

  • Distance from floor to bottom of rail track:  9 ft 7 in

  • ➡️ More Info

Twist-End Nylon Cords

  • Qty Available:  29

  • Cord Length:  6 feet

  • Weight Capacity:  15 lb (7 kg) per Nylon Cord

  • ➡️ More Info


Panel Hooks


If you require different hanging hardware than listed above, it's available for purchase at the links below:

Twist-End Steel Cable

Mini Hook

Utility Hook

Gripper Hook



  1. Does Starbright Theater charge a fee for using the Gallery Rail System? No.

  2. Will Starbright Theater provide a ladder? Yes.

  3. Can I use 3M Command products to attach art/photos/decorations to the walls? Yes. However, you are responsible for removing all 3M Command products from the walls after the event. While 3M Command is designed to remove cleanly, should any damage to the paint/wall occur, you would be responsible for the damage.

  4. Can I use push-pins / nails / screws to attach to the walls? No, because that would damage the walls.

  5. Can I use Scotch tape / Masking Tape / Duct Tape / Gaff Tape to attach to the walls? No, because any tape can potentially peel up paint.

  6. Can I use Backdrop Stands / Roll-Up Banners / Pipe-and-Drape Stands? Yes. You are responsible for making sure all such structures are assembled per manufacturer instructions, rated for the correct weight/height, and that you have put sufficient weight (such as sandbags) on the bases. Should any such item fall over, you would be responsible for any damage it causes.

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